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SUBURBAN STRIPPER is a one-hour television documentary exploring the lives of a number of people who take their clothes off for money. Its a revealing, amusing, and a little shocking, as we find out what motivates them and how far they are prepared to go! Fun and Mayhem prevail as our popular stripper characters embark on a rollicking trave-adventure-striptease tour of the Australian outback in the high rating sequel OUTBACK STRIPPER.


Both of these programs were outstanding rating successes with Suburban Stripper drawing 1.6 million and Outback Stripper reaching 1.7 million viewers on Channel 5 UK and topping the ratings for the Thursday 11pm slot in 2002.

In Australia both programs averaged in excess of 50% of available audience on the Ten Network with Western Australia reaching a massive 59.9% of available female viewers in the 16-39 year old demographic.

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Documentary: Stripper Series    (2x60min)