GLASS ON THE BAR music video tells the story, from Henry Lawson poetry, about a stockman lost in in the country. Shot over 2 days, with one location in the beautiful Flinders Rangers, we combined both Black & White and Colour images to tell the modern and historic story. Have a close look at the scenes where we used both B&W and Colour in the same image.

Production Details
Producer:                     (PIPER FILMS)
Shooting Gauge:        16mm Kodak Film (7258)
Shoot Time:                 2 days
Location:                     Flinders Ranger SA & The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel
Special Techniques: B&W and Colour compositing.

Music details
Album: Lawson - John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew
Written: All songs John Schumann (with Henry Lawsons poetry)
Performance: John Schumann, Russell Morris and Brodrick Smith.

Video Copyright Piper Films Pty Ltd 2005
Music Copyright Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd  


Music Clips

Title: Glass on the Bar

Director: Corey Piper

Cinematographer: Corey Piper

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