Corporate Productions                         

Below are a selection of types & styles of corporate videos, please select a clip to view.

Purpose: Promotional

Genre: Traditional Documentary

Title: The Templeton Vision

Client: The Templeton Foundation

Purpose: Govt. Communication

Genre: News/Documentary

Title: State Budget

Client: State Government

Agency: Jam Shop

Purpose: Recruitment

Genre: Stylised

Title: SDA Recruitment Video

Client: Shop Assistants Union

Agency: John Schumann

Purpose: Recruitment

Genre: Documentary

Title: Volunteer Recruitment

Client: SA Ambulance Service

Agency: Jam Shop

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Purpose: Museum Display

Genre: Documentary

Title: Aust. Navy in Vietnam

Client: South Australian

             Maratime Museum

Purpose: Recruitment

Genre: Presenter

Title: Tom’s Truck

Client: Aust. Trucking Assc.

Agency: Jam Shop

Purpose: In-store Product Loop

Genre: Stills & Voice Over

Client: Poolside

Purpose: Web Message

Genre: Video Blog

Client: Royal Adelaide Hospital

Purpose: Education

Genre: Drama

Client: University of Adelaide

Purpose: Govt. Communication

Genre: Comedy

Title: Cyber Security

Client: Defence

Agency: Image and Substance