While the main arm of Piper Films produces content for international television market our TVC & Corporate arm produces high quality productions for the Australian advertising industry, Government, public relations companies and private business.

who said work 
couldn’t be fun!

Corey Piper


With over 20 years of experience Corey has won a number of awards for his work as both director and cinematographer, but his style is unique as he often combines cinematic flare with comedy.

Having worked on many genres from documentary to drama and commercial he has the ability to adapt to any production situation allowing for the best result possible for the available time and budget.

TVC & Corporate Production

Andrew Horton

Sometimes described as the other Coen brother this masked man is responsible for keeping Corey’s creative ambitions on track.

Behind the scenes

“Humans have used storytelling to communicate messages for thousands of years, before films, before books, before songs, right back to cave paintings. Storytelling is the best method of human communication because it’s embedded in all of us.”
Corey Piper.

The Team

What makes us different?

Not many video production companies have the years of international television experience that we have, giving us a greater understanding of how to communicate and maintain the interest of a broad audience through visual story telling and also the ability to undertake production of any scale, whether’s it’s a 100 man team in the remote outback or a simple 2 man crew for a CEO video blog to the staff.

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James Piper

James Piper is a truly versatile editor with skills beyond that of an ordinary picture editor with a good sense of rhythm and feeling. James has skills in Colour Grading, Complex Compositing, Sound Editing, Title Creation and DVD authoring. Since James began his career as a sound recordist, sound editing is second nature to him which happens in sync with the picture cut while Colour Grading is a skill which he has come to master with a fine art.

James is also responsible for all photoshop artwork and has created most of the promotional posters, video trailers and titles sequences used in Piper Films television documentaries.

Naturally James is also our local IT expert here at Piper Films.